Our Story

We founded HALO eclipse spectacles in order to raise awareness about the upcoming North American total solar eclipse and to provide sustainable options for safe eclipse viewing. As avid adventurers, we have been eagerly awaiting the eclipse for years and felt that a proper celebration of this astronomical rarity should be accompanied by beautiful and Earth-friendly eyewear.

HALO spectacles are crafted from durable and renewable bamboo and hardwoods, and our eclipse certified lenses are tested and certified by an independent professional testing facility and meet the requirements of ISO 12312-2:2015 for safe solar viewing during the eclipse.

When you make a purchase of HALO spectacles, you are supporting a conscious approach of sustainability and integrity in our business practices. As part of our package, we offer an option to return your eclipse glasses to us so that we can replace them with UV 400 (100% UVA/UVB) sunglasses for everyday use. We’ll donate the used glasses so that your eclipse spectacles can enjoy a new life helping others to see and keep out of the landfills. We’ll also provide packaging to ship your glasses directly to organizations that collect eyewear. 


When I was initially researching lens manufacturers for HALO, the first supplier I found provided certification from an unaffiliated company in Canada. When I pressed for more details and didn't get satisfactory answers, I passed on them and found a different company to make my lenses. As it turned out, Amazon ended up pulling all of the first company's affiliated eclipse products offline. My agent explained that some Chinese manufacturers consider it an SEO strategy to claim they meet certifications, which is terrifying but the reality of the situation. (Amazon is sending emails to people that have purchased from some of these sources and is refunding the purchases, so check your email if this applies to you.)

Several other eclipse lens manufacturers that we reached to out also couldn’t provide the required certification, but we eventually found a supplier with a valid certification for ISO 12312-2:2013 standards and who was willing to get my glasses specifically re-certified for the superseding ISO 12312-2:2015 standard. We arranged for testing and passed certification in an internationally recognized independent testing lab. 

Serendipitously, my husband is a physicist with a PhD in photonics and we have access to a ton of optical equipment including a spectrometer. For our own peace of mind, we independently tested the transmission of the sample sunglasses and verified that they meet ISO specifications as indicated by the certification testing.

I encourage everyone to stay diligent and do your research on the companies you're buying from. There are safe options out there, HALO eclipse spectacles among them. Only a handful of days left to go! It's going to be glorious and I can't wait.

Happy and safe eclipsing, 

Liya Brook
Founder, HALO Eclipse, Inc.