Top Ten Spots to See the October 14th Annular Eclipse

Top Ten Spots to See the October 14th Annular Eclipse
The Massacre Rim Dark Sky National Conservation Area is a great location for skywatching. (Image credit: Sydney Martinez/Travel Nevada)

Hello HALO Chasers! Rev those engines for the ultimate solar spectacle road trip across the Americas! On October 14th, a dazzling "ring of fire" annular eclipse will blaze a path from Oregon down to Colombia. For those along the route, it'll be front-row seats as the moon takes a cosmic bite out of the sun. Let's check out 10 stellar spots to witness this celestial show.


  1. First up, the wild Oregon dunes near Florence. This sea of otherworldly sand is primed for eclipse gazing. Make your way to the Oregon Dunes Day Use Area for facilities, picnic tables, and epic horizon views of the ring at its lowest point - just 17 degrees above the southeast horizon! Then take a wander on the two mile Oregon Dunes Loop Trail that leads out to the beach and back for bonus coastal vibes. Pro tip: Since 2000, there's been clouds here 58% of the time on October 14, so fingers crossed for clear skies!

    The annular solar eclipse can be viewed from Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge. (Image credit: David Madison via Getty Images)

  2. Next, bird lovers flock to California's Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, where the feathered residents will start acting up as the eclipse hits peak around 8:30am. With the ring around 20 degrees high in the southeast sky, it's an ideal spot for wildlife watching in addition to eclipse chasing! There's hundreds of species of birds that pass through during migration season. Hike out to the Sheepy Ridge Trail from the visitor's center for primo views of birds in action during the eclipse. Fun fact: This area has a 38% cloudiness rate on October 14, so odds of clear views are in your favor!

  3. Feeling off-the-grid? Northern Nevada's remote Massacre Rim Dark Sky Sanctuary promises out-of-this-world eclipse views far from light pollution. It's about 150 miles north of Reno for those road trippin' from the city. The area allows dispersed camping throughout, so BYO everything and bed down under the stars! The eclipse will be 21 degrees above the horizon, and has a minimal 30% cloud cover rate for October 14.

    View the annular solar eclipse from Padre Bay and Lake Powell. (Image credit: Adria Photography via Getty Images)

  4. In Arizona near Lake Powell, view the eclipse in style from the water by booking a boat or decked out houseboat ring-of-fire tour. With the eclipse reaching about 31 degrees over the southeast horizon, the lake's red rock backdrop takes the experience to the next level. Expect some killer photo ops! The cloud cover odds here are in your favor at only 20%.

  5. The tiny Utah town of Boulder is an ideal home base for road trippin' to parks and monuments galore after you've witnessed the ring of fire eclipse. Catch the eclipse surrounded by Boulder's spectacular red rocks, then spend the day marveling at the alien-like hoodoos of nearby Capital Reef National Park.

    Cutthroat castle in Canyon of Ancients National Monument. (Image credit: Matt Champlin via Getty Images)

  6. Colorado's overlooked Canyons of the Ancients National Monument near Mesa Verde is packed with fascinating ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites and allows camping. For a backcountry eclipse viewing experience, it doesn't get much better than this!

  7. See the eclipse at the iconic Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, then escape the crowds to the ancient petroglyphs and peaceful trails of Petroglyph National Monument just outside the city for a quieter experience under the eclipsed sun. With the eclipse reaching 36 degrees over the horizon, it will be visible from both spots and the cloud cover odds are low at 25%.

    This stonehenge replica is in the path of annularity for October 2023's annular solar eclipse. (Image credit: Photo by Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

  8. The replica Stonehenge in Texas Hill Country is perfectly positioned for October's eclipse. Come back in April 2024 to experience 4 minutes and 25 seconds of totality for the full multi-eclipse effect! Parking passes are only $20 for this unique event.

    Uxmal is large pre Columbian Mayan ruin, about 60 miles south of Mérida in state of Yucatán, Mexico. (Image credit: photography by p. lubas via Getty Images)
  9. Watch the eclipse over the ancient pyramids of Mexico's magnificent Uxmal Archaeological Zone on the Yucatan Peninsula. Just don't expect clear skies - there's a 90% chance of cloud cover on October 14! But if you're willing to gamble with the weather, the views of the 61 degree high eclipse over the iconic ruins could be well worth it.

  10. Colombia's colorful Caño Cristales river will glow beautifully under the eclipsed sun. Nicknamed the "liquid rainbow", this aquatic wonder should be on any eclipse chaser's bucket list! However, the cloud cover odds on October 14 are high at 80%, so flexibility is key. No matter what, Cano Cristales is a marvel even without an eclipse.
That's 10 heavenly spots highlighted for October's annular extravaganza with details on the eclipse visibility and scenery at each location. Happy and safe eclipse chasing out there! May the cosmic vibes be with you.